Chapter 7 Updates

New Chapter 7 PDF.

The page linked above also included a link to download a COPY of Chapter 7.


Updates will be listed in three columns. If an update contains an extensive amount of data, and 'Learn More' link will be placed at the bottom.

For ease of reference, each update will be given a number, and a list can be found below. On other pages look for the Updated! symbol that indicates an update.

  1. Sec. 0 - Introduction

The only change noted to the introduction is the explanation of the inclusion of information for Space Force JROTC Cadets. Below the introduction, you can find a note of the changes made since the previous version.

2. Sec. 7.3.1

The change here is the inclusion of information regarding the Space Force patch of knowledge. This is not applicable to our unit...

3. Sec.

This just states that individual units are allowed to imply more stringent regulations for uniforms and overall appearance... Learn More

4. Sec.

This section has been updated to include new ribbon information... Learn More

5. Sec. 7.6.63

COVID-19 Ribbon Update... Learn More

6. Sec. 7.8

A small note is included at the begging of this section noting that cadets are now authorized to place their hands in their pockets while walking and standing and including during beverage consumption.

7. Sec.

Pumps can now be worn with blue uniforms. Refer to chapter 7 for more information.

8. Sec.

This notes that Short-Sleeve PT shirt may be tucked or un-tucked into pants.

9. Sec 7.9

Majority of This section has been updated with NEW personal grooming standards... Learn More

10. Sec 7.9 Cont.

Female hair regulation examples have been updated to include the newly approved hair styles. Refer to Chapter 7.

11. Sec. 7.20

ALL Visual Aids have been updated.